With you every step of the way

We’ve worked in the residential property management industry for years. We know what these guys are looking for and what the different jobs really involve – it’s this expertise that will help you land the job that’s right for you.

And once you’re in a job, we’re always on hand for informed advice on how to progress your career.

Take a look at our current vacancies and essential interview guide below.

On a personal level, Claibon didn’t just recruit me, they have supported me and have been very much a part of my progression from Head Concierge to Estate Manager. Thank you Claibon, I am truly grateful.

Estate Manager



1 Read the job description fully to understand the job you’ve applied for
2 Find out about the company you’ll be meeting
3 Understand the basics about the property management industry


4 Prepare examples of relevant work experience or take a portfolio of work
5 Think of five key skills you have that are relevant to the job
6 Have examples of how you have overcome a difficult situation at work and where you have excelled in a previous job
7 Write down any questions you have about the job – it’ll show interest
8 Be clear about why you want the job
9 Make sure you’re up to speed on relevant and new legislation eg Health and Safety
10 If you have any gaps in your CV, be sure you can explain these


11 Plan your route to the interview and know exactly where you need to go
12 Wear smart business clothes – first impressions count!
13 Have all the necessary paperwork with you


14 Arrive on time – don’t arrive more than 10 minutes early and NEVER arrive late
15 Be polite, positive and enthusiastic
16 Keep your answers short and to the point – your preparation will help you here
17 Make sure you understand the question, if you don’t, ask them to explain
18 Give yourself a couple of seconds to think about the question before you answer
19 Speak clearly and with confidence
20 Be honest – you don’t want to end up in a job that is not right for you.


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